Why Autumn is a Good Time To Lay Turf

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Autumn is the time of the year that leaves and plants die, right? However, much to our surprise, it’s the perfect time to lay turf! Most people believe that laying turf during spring is better, but it can be impractical for some.

Mother Earth sows seeds during autumn. That’s why plants put energy into growing roots to get ready for the next spotting. During autumn the soil is warm and soft, making it easier for people to install or lay the turf.

Not yet convinced? Here are the reasons why autumn is the perfect time to lay turf:

Temperature is Perfect

You can lay turn anytime in the year, however, you need to consider the weather and climate to have a fast and stress-free installation. During summer, laid turf will need more watering during the first few weeks. During winter, the lawn will take longer to establish because of the low temperature.

On the other hand, you can see the full establishment within 10 days during autumn,

Easier Ground Preparation

Turf laying is physically demanding, especially during hot weather.

During autumn, the ground is usually soft and not saturated or waterlogged. During the summer and winter months, professional landscapers need to exert a huge amount of effort to turn over and preparing the ground. This takes more time in preparing the ground.

Besides no one wants to spend their winter days preparing the ground. While preparing the ground during summer can cause dehydration.

Lawn Needs Less Watering

Watering newly laid turf will prevent shrinkage or sod heating. During cooler weather, these issues do not occur. Autumn brings a moist morning and frequent rain shoes occur.

The cooler the temperature, the newly laid turf is less likely to become dry. In most cases, installing during the autumn season means less watering because the rainfall will already provide an adequate amount of water that your lawn needs.

The Lawn is Fully Established for Spring

Turf laid in autumn will be ready within the first 3 weeks of life. Because the temperature is dropping, it only needs a handful of cuts. And by spring, you will have a fully established lawn.

Bear in mind that a fully established lawn needs to be clear from debris and leaves during winter and autumn.


As mentioned above, turf can be laid any time of the year. Each season has its pros and cons when installing turf. However, if you’re looking for convenience and perfect timing, it is best to lay turf during mid-autumn.

Since plants naturally focus on growing their roots during autumn, it’s wise to take advantage of this natural phenomenon to have a fully established turf in no time without exerting a lot of effort!

Do you need advice regarding laying turf? Here at Ballarat Landscaping, our experts would be delighted to help you! We offer different types of turfs for every kind of soil. If you want to know more about our turf laying services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.