Types of Lawn Damage and How You Can Fix Them

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Your lawn is exposed to harsh elements, different seasons and weathers, insects, weeds, and family pets. All of these have contributing factors that can damage the lawn. If damage has been done, there’s nothing much you can do. You can repair your lawn to make it look fresh and green again.

Types of Lawn Damage

Whatever the reason for your lawn damage, you can still fic the, by determining the root of the problem and fixing it with the right solution.

Winter Salt Damage

Although winter can be tough for your grass, the main reason for winter damage is road salt and de-icers. The best way to prevent or lessen salt damage is to not use de-icing salt. Instead, you can use calcium magnesium acetate to remove ice.

To fix this, evaluate the area where the salt may have affected the vegetation and grass. Then flush remaining de-icer, salt, and residue from the soil and plants. You can add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid when spraying using a garden hose.

Once the salt residue is removed, treat the salt-damaged grass with pelletized gypsum soil conditioner. This will help the grass heal and grow.

Pet Damage

Do have yellow spots on your lawn? These are often made by dogs. While their waste can act as a natural fertilizer, their urine contains high levels of nitrogen. This overloads the soil and damages it.

To fix this, you can soak the area with water. Then, spread horticultural lime on the yellow spot and keep on watering it every day. This will help the green colour of the grass return.

Rodents, Birds, and Insects Damage

A healthy lawn can get damaged because of insects, rodents, and birds. They can attack the roots, infest the soil beneath the grass, or nibble on the grass which will make seeding new grass more challenging.

While there’s not really much you can do, you can use insect and rodent control products to lessen this.

Weeds and Thatch

Weeds should be removed to make your lawn look at its best. Using commercial weed killers will solve the problem. You should also mow your lawn regularly and don’t cut your grass too short.

As soon as you notice weeds from growing, remove them. You can use a weed puller to remove the weeds and their roots. It is also better to aerate your lawn regularly to keep it healthy and avoid weeds.

If excessive clippings are not removed or grass clippings are not fine enough, thatch can build up. To prevent this, rake your lawn once you are done mowing. You might need to detach if you have yacht buildup.


Hopefully, we helped in determining the right solution for your lawn damage. Preventing is always better than cure. If there are ways to prevent damaging your lawn, you better do it before it’s too late!

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