Turf Laying Ballarat

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Turf Laying in Ballarat

Are you searching for a lush and fresh natural turf or a synthetic turf that can stay beautiful throughout the year without the hassle of regular mowing? Look no further than Ballarat Landscaping because we got them all for you! Turf laying is one of the landscaping services we offer in Ballarat. With our extensive years of experience within the industry, we consider our team proficient and highly capable of handling our customer’s unique specifications for their lawn.

One of the most classic images of an Australian home is a visually appealing and welcoming lawn. Let us help you craft an outstanding and memorable first impression of your home or place of business through our fresh and attractive turf. Do not hesitate to phone our support staff today to get a hold of a free no-obligation quote and consultation.




Working with us means that you are achieving the professionalism and quality you deserve. We take every project with utmost care and professionalism, and it shows! Our certified team delivers superior craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, and superb results.

Our proficient team will give you an honest estimate for its duration. With our skilled professionals, we have consistently completed projects on or before the discussed schedule. We can be your one-stop-shop for designing stunning custom gardens.

Improving your garden’s look and value doesn’t always have to cost you a lot. We value our customer’s hard-earned money, so we ensure to offer strategic price points so they can make the most out of their budget.


You can transform your lawn into an oasis with an aesthetically pleasing and new turf. Natural turf and synthetic turf are both viable options for residential and commercial properties in Ballarat. However, if you are still weighing your choices as to what to avail for your garden, you can check out the difference between the two below:


Perhaps one of the main differences between synthetic and natural turf is the level of care they require. If you plan to avail of our natural turf, it is best to note that it needs to be regularly watered, mowed, fertilized, and weeded to maintain its beauty. Our synthetic turf, on the other hand, only requires minimal upkeep. You just have to occasionally remove dust, refill, and brush or rake its blades to ensure that they will look full, upright, and fluffy.


Our natural turf can last for a lifetime if it is well taken care of, while artificial turf can stay with you for almost 15 years with brushing, grooming, and refilling twice a year.


The development of some manufacturers of synthetic grass is immense. We offer various artificial turfs that look and feel the same as natural ones. That is why when our customers are picking a turf based on the added visual appeal it can offer them, we can say that it greatly depends on their existing landscape and personal preference.

Environmental Impact

If you prefer to have a sustainable option, our natural turf can be a great pick because it helps in producing oxygen and lessening greenhouse gases and other pollutants. However, it needs water and fertilizers or chemicals that may negatively affect the environment. If you choose artificial turf, you can save water and do away with harmful chemicals, but init uses a large amount of electricity and plastic in its manufacturing process.


We can provide you with top-quality lawn turf solutions, all for very competitive prices. At Ballarat Landscaping, the turf we offer to our customers is sourced from various trusted and popular local suppliers. Besides that, we only utilize new and superior-quality soil as a base for the turf we install to ensure positive root growth. At Ballarat Landscaping, we greatly recommend our customers visit us onsite when they asked us to help them with their turf laying. It is because we want our customers to get an up-close and personal look and feel of the wide collection of synthetic and natural turf we offer. Through this, they can decide what will perfectly suit their lawn and get helpful suggestions and advice from our team of certified landscapers.