Reasons and Prevention for A Peeling Deck Stain

A deck is one of many different outdoor structures that you can add to your property. Whether it is wood or composite, many benefits come with having a deck installed. However, like any other structure, there are also downsides to having a deck on your property. One con with decking is that it generally requires staining for protection.

If the stain ends up improperly applied, however, it can result in different issues. That issue would be peeling. A peeling deck stain is caused by more than improper application. Though there are many ways a deck stain can end up peeling, there are also different solutions for it.

The Causes for a Peeling Deck Stain

A deck stain comes with a variety of options in terms of style and colour. Whatever type of deck stain you end up choosing, you will want to watch out for it peeling. A peeling deck stain can be due to an improper application but also caused by the following:

Excess Stain and Moisture

Applying more deck stains seems beneficial, but it can end up compromising the structure. Using an excessive layer of deck stain can lead to a thick film on the surface, which will shell off faster. In addition, the excess material will linger slightly above the surface and prevent moisture from rain and dew from leaving the wood. The retained water is what leads to the deck stain peeling.

Poor Adhesion

When a deck stain is not fully adhered to the deck material, it can lead to peeling. A deck stain not adhering can occur for different reasons. One way it can happen is during the application process. If the deck is not completely dry or clean, the stain won’t fully adhere to the surface. Instead, parts of the material will end up sticking to debris and moist areas, eventually loosening the deck stain. Another reason a deck stain will not adhere is if there is still a leftover stain from a previous application.

Bad Weather Conditions

While a deck stain can be convenient, there is a right time to have it placed. The best conditions for a deck stain to dry is during temperate weather or under a shade. If deck stain is left to dry under direct sunlight, it can result in improper adhesion. The same applies to a deck stain to an improperly cleaned deck.

How to Deal with a Peeling Deck Stain

There are different ways to resolve or prevent a peeling deck stain. Most of them involve knowing the proper methods and materials to have a deck stained. When applying deck stain, the correct preparation and the right brush can lead to a quality finish. Some preparation methods to remember are letting your deck material weather, cleaning and brightening the wood, and avoiding direct sunlight. As for materials to prevent peeling deck stains, some of the best options include deck brighteners, oil/solid-colour stains, and deck sealers.

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