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Wish to have landscaping services to convert your property into a functional and eye-catching space? Let your landscape be a place where you can express your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. We want to help you transform your property into a relaxing and attractive space that enhances the way you enjoy outdoor living. We extend various professional services focusing on outdoor tiling, retaining walls, paving, patios, pergolas, and decks.

Ballarat Landscaping has one goal: 100% customer satisfaction. Our company makes every effort to give our customers the value of their hard-earned money. With our hard-working and proficient tradespeople, we have succeeded in consistently delivering bespoke designs, high-quality outputs, and a stress-free experience to our clients. With this approach, we have established trust and exceptional customer service, which made us one of the prominent landscaping firms in Ballarat.

Our professional landscape contractors can work on small to large-scale projects efficiently. With our years of expertise and a keen eye for detail, we can help our customers achieve stunning landscape projects that they can be proud of.

Want to find out why residents in Ballarat VIC continue to trust our construction service? Reach out to our design team when it is convenient, we promise to provide an obligation free quote.

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Top-Notch Custom Landscape Design For Every Home in Ballarat



Working with us means that you are achieving the professionalism and quality you deserve. We take every project with utmost care and professionalism, and it shows! Our certified team delivers superior craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, and superb results.

Our proficient team will give you an honest estimate for its duration. With our skilled professionals, we have consistently completed projects on or before the discussed schedule. We can be your one-stop-shop for designing stunning custom gardens.

Improving your garden’s look and value doesn’t always have to cost you a lot. We value our customer’s hard-earned money, so we ensure to offer strategic price points so they can make the most out of their budget.

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Our Landscape Construction Advantage


Wish to refurbish an existing landscape or create an attractive space for relaxation, but you don’t have ideas on where to start? Tiled outdoor areas are gaining recognition in the city. Since exterior areas are one of the first places people see when they visit your home or establishment, it may be beneficial to make it look inviting. We can level up the curb appeal of your entertaining area with tile installations.

When it comes to outdoor tiling installation, waterproofing, or repairs, you can rely on our reliable and talented crew. Our team has gained extensive skills and knowledge through years of training to handle our customers’ varied outdoor tiling requirements. Be it for alfresco dining areas, patios, decks or pool areas we can provide you with solutions that successfully exceed your expectations. Discover the ways how an outdoor tiling project can be beneficial to you:


Want to have a retaining wall built for your property in Ballarat? Search no further because, at Ballarat Landscaping, we offer efficient and superior quality retaining wall installations, repairs, and refurbishments throughout the city. With our competitive pricing, superior craftsmanship, and on-time delivery, we are one of the most trusted retaining wall builders in Ballarat.

Our landscapers understand how our customers dedicated their time, money, and effort to take care of their properties. That is why we want to help them maintain and keep these spaces for the years to come. Erecting a retaining wall is one of the economical and effective solutions we recommend to secure and hold their property in place. Moreover, here are the advantages you can get with having a retaining wall built in your area:


We are the most holistic landscaping service provider in Ballarat

For over 10 years, Landscaping Ballarat has been recognized as one of the finest landscape teams in regional Victoria. With a passion for creating dream gardens and genuine care for our diverse clientele, we pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and attention to detail that goes into each project. Whether you are looking to add something special to your outdoor leisure area or just need some lawn mowing around the house, come see what we can do!

Our small and dedicated landscape design team are in high demand for their quality workmanship. Our qualified professionals provide a diverse range of services from leisure areas to sporting surfaces. You’ll have access to our collaborative design process which provides clear direction from start to finish so that we can meet your needs!


Our Process


At Landscaping Ballarat, it is our goal to make your outdoor landscaping project as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We provide you with a consultancy service where one of the experts works closely with you throughout the design process in order for us to come up with plants that fit perfectly into any space all while matching both the needs and aesthetic preferences of your garden.

Our professionals work diligently so they can shape their customised landscape design into an attractive outdoor area that suits not only what we know about your tastes but also what will be most conducive to meeting whatever specifications are important factors when designing an outside living space.


The design process begins with a perfectly tailored concept. We’ll review the decisions you made during our consultation phase and present various ideas that will suit your vision to perfection. While discussing these concepts, we’ll also discuss materials, such as wood or stone for entryways; planting options like perennials in the front yard; and create an image mood board so you can visualize how everything comes together seamlessly – it’s our mission to help clients realize their visions!

We have been designing gardens for over 15 years, with a focus on your home’s surroundings. We will work closely with you to ensure that our new landscape design plans match up perfectly by reviewing them in person before anything is made permanent.


There are plenty of crews in the area, but none like Ballarat Landscaping. We’re more than just a crew; we give our customers full-service solutions to all their landscape needs from installation down to maintenance. Our team’s wide variety of skills enables us to help with any project no matter how complex: new installations or renovations – you name it!

We believe that providing clients complete satisfaction begins and ends with having an experienced professional on staff who is well versed in handling every aspect of your need for garden care services. This includes everything from design through construction and maintenance throughout its life cycle–whatever you want to be done today can be done by one phone call!


Ballarat Landscaping is a trusted company in the city because we provide efficient patios and pergolas installation. Our skilled builders can design an elegant patio or pergola to add value to your open space without spending too much money. Patios and pergolas are among the most affordable yet attractive additions that you can get for your outdoor space. At Landscaping Ballarat, we understand the uniqueness of our customers’ preferences and specifications. That is why for every patio or pergola project we take, we discuss it with our customers thoroughly so we can produce tailor-made solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.

At Ballarat Landscapers, all of our contractors and builders have the skills and expertise to handle your dream patio and pergola projects. Drop us a line anytime to get a free quote and schedule a consultation with our team so we can provide professional advice for your project as soon as possible. Still undecided whether to have a patio or pergola built in your property? Check out the benefits that a well-built patio or pergola can extend to you:


Want to have your very own relaxing spot on your property? Many property owners in Ballarat are searching for alternatives to level up their exterior areas into usable living spaces. For those who want to enjoy their staycation to the fullest, investing in a functional, attractive, and durable deck might be the best solution for you. At Ballarat Landscaping, we come with the experience and knowledge to provide top-notch outdoor living solutions such as custom-built decks.

Our proficient and reliable team can help you bring out the beauty of your exterior spaces by designing and building superior quality decks. With the myriad of materials, colours, and finishes we offer when it comes to decks, you will not run out of alternatives. If you need an expert’s suggestion, we can also recommend the best designs that will seamlessly blend into your existing landscape. Do you want to find out the benefits of having a deck built on your property?

Here are some of them:


Need an efficient paving service for your hardscape areas? To achieve your ideal paved area, look for a certified and professional contractor who can give you premium quality materials and top-of-the-line service to ensure that the paving project can be a long-term investment for you and your property.

When it comes to paving projects, at Ballarat Landscaping, we got your back! We have the skills and experience to offer you top-notch paver installation, design, repair, and maintenance. From material and design options up to finishes and functionalities, we can help you work with your paving requirements and preferences. At Ballarat Landscaping, we cater to a wide range of paving requirements.

We can cater to your outdoor paving, driveway paving, or pool paving needs. Besides that, we have an array of material options such as cobblestone, marble, limestone, concrete, bricks, and sandstone.

Here’s what you can get with our high-quality pavers:


Servicing Ballarat VIC and surrounding areas

Our company is centrally situated in Ballarat VIC, and we offer local landscaping services throughout the local community. If you require our help for your outdoor tiling, retaining wall, paving, decking, or patio and pergola installation project anywhere in regional Victoria, trust that we can come to you!

Check out some of the suburbs we service:


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a FREE no-obligation quotation for everyone who calls our hotline. We will go to your house and inspect your property. We will also ask different questions to help us understand what you wanted for your dream garden or backyard

There are many ways to reduce the cost of construction. One thing that you might want to consider is reducing or eliminating those features in your design that may not be necessary for its use and/or will make it more expensive when building, such as a deck with large built-in furniture.

On top of this, if it won’t get used often then why spend all the money? Another idea would be substituting materials like concrete blocks instead of cinderblocks so they’re cheaper but still create an interesting effect. This way you could tackle some aspects at once while saving up funds before tackling other parts later down the line!

You might be surprised to learn that landscaping can be more than just aesthetically pleasing. Gardens are great for providing shade, cooling the air or even generating electricity! When your space is designed with these things in mind it becomes easier and cheaper to maintain and you’ll save time and money by investing in sustainable design now.

In the landscaping industry, we take pride in our staff. We hire professionals with horticultural education and experience to meet clients’ needs. Then we develop them, train them, and invest in their growth so they can be effective at meeting your every need!

Clients tell us that the reason they selected our company over their previous contractor is because of how much better quality we provide. They also like the fact that, in comparison to other companies who have been around longer than us, we’re able to offer better prices and still maintain a superior level of service.

Clients choose Landscaping Ballarat’s services for two reasons: firstly; products are high-quality which results from expert research & development combined with adherence to stringent industry standards & practices by experienced technicians and engineers – secondly; clients enjoy an aggressive pricing strategy without sacrificing on customer care.

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